Indoor Dryfire Training System


IDTS Premium Kit



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Indoor Dryfire Training System consist in a retractable and portable roll banner that you will install at a distance of approximately 12 feet (depends of scope model). Four identical range set at different height to practice multiple positions from prone to standing and everything in between. 5 color coded stages plus a KYL (know your limits) for a total 43 targets ranging from 1 moa to 3 moa (scaled at 12 feet).
Premium kit includes the retractable roll banner with padded carry case, the “Deluxe” optical lens, MARK2 brass marker, magnetic safety flag with belt attachment and the MAG MAX loader.

  • *Choose a model

    • Choose a model:

    *Choose Mark2

    • Choose Mark2:

    *Choose lens size

    To select size of the deluxe lens adapter, measure the outside diameter of the objective of your scope and select the closest to your diameter (up or down).

    • Lens size selected: added
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