Indoor Dryfire Training System




Original price was: 22.95$.Current price is: 19.95$.

MARK2 brass marker, you can put up to 2 lines in a single turn or simplie mark the rim. Now available for Sharpie “Classic” makers or Staedler (makers not included)

Pros and cons of each brand of markers


Pros: Easy to find, lots of different colors

Cons: The ink of the Sharpie applied to the case will transfert inside of the chamber over time, it’s recommanded to clean your chamber after a match to avoid pressure problems


Pros: if you let the ink of the Staedler dry at least 24hrs it will barely leave any mark in your chamber, you can do your Friday traning plus your two day mach without any worries

Cons: Harder to find than Sharpie, less color choice

  • * Choose Mark2

    • Choose Mark2
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